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Byron Wilcott "The Angel of SIN"

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The formative years...

Hello, my name is Byron Wilcott and thank you for viewing my website. I was born and raised in Shreveport ,La. I later joined the Army and then went to school at Louisiana Tech University. I recieved a B.S. in Aviation Managment. I currently work in the aviation field.  I am also actively progressing my professional wrestling career. This website is one of the ways I am trying to promote my wrestling persona.

Thank You

I would like thank a few people. First, thank you God for the opportunity, my continued health, my intellect, heart and physical ability. Thanks Momma. Without you behind me I would have failed a long time ago. To my best friends Kevin Wilcott, Demetrius Willis, Delvin Willis, Duan Threats, 'Big Sexy' Mike Smith, Ms. Rosiland E. Scobey, and last but not least Ms. Tiffany 'Precious' Adams, thanks for your support, interest, and motivation.


To Mrs. Dowell, Ms. Conley and Ms. Willis, Thank You for your continued interest in me during my trek from adolescence to manhood. To all my fellow L ATech students, I learned from each of you and I hope you each learned something positive from me. Douglas, Dugas, Sistrunk, and the rest of the LA Tech aviation department Thank You for Everything.


To my siblings Elbony and Brian I wish I could go back and be a nicer BIG brother. I'll do what I can now though.


Special thanks to Darreon Thompson, Trell Pratt, the Glover's, Jones', Shehee’s, Cook's, Wilcott’s, Sapp’s, Hill's, Young's, and all my other friends & family.

At a Glance

Age:      25 (Feb 4)


Education: LA Tech



Height:      6ft 5in 


Weight:     255lbs


Sign:         Aquarius



I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith
2Timothy 4:7

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