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"Supernova" Sean Cardova


Sean Cordova was born in a small town of Gladewater, TX. At the age of twelve, he discovered the passion for wrestling and decided that he wanted to pursue a career in Professional Wrestling. At the age of 16, he enrolled into the NAWA Wrestling School where he was trained by The Overboyz. His first Professional Match was in Lufkin, TX against Gemini. He went on from there to win the NAWA Tag-Team Titles with Adam Arson by defeating Hallowmass. They remained the Tag-Team Champions for six months.

Hieght                          5' 8"
Weight                        150
Hometown                   Gladewater
Finishing Move             Cosmic Blackout
Titles Held:                TEW Heavyweight (2)
                                   NAWA Tag-Team (2)

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