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Byron Wilcott "The Angel of SIN"


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On this page I  think I'll tell my reactions to current events in wrestling and tell you about my life on the road

Hello to All my Faithfull,
Let me first apologize for not updating the site . I have been very busy as of late with wrestling. A wrestlers goal is to stay busy. This weekend I wrestled Ricky Jackson at XCW in Denton, TX. Intresting note about XCW is they  have a national Pay-Per-View deal. And guess who was on the show this weekend. Yes thats right, The Dark Tower of Power, AOS. We put on a great show opener(Hey even AOS has to curtainjerk sometimes). Pulled of some insane moves .The crowd didn't like me at first. Ricky's a big fan favorite but by the time the match was over  before I went to the back I got a standing ovation. You don't have to like me but you will respect me.
Congats go out to Jazz for signing with WWE to compete in thier ECW venture!
Were proud of you!
I'm proud of you!

Sat Jan , 2005
This weekend AOS went back down to Abbeville, La. Dirty-South Championship Wrestling (DCW) had a show. I wasn't able to make their last one because I had to go to Daytona FL to do match. The last time I was there in Abbeville I lost a match to a close aquintance of mine, "The Apostle" Alvin Breux. He tried to break my neck with a flipping Piledriver. Do you know the consequences of a 6ft 5 in , 270 pould man giving you a Canadian Destroyer. More than likely death. If I wasn't a man and a half I'd probably never walk again. And the hillbillies in Abbeville cheered him on to do it. But this Time I HAD A PLAN!
You see Alvin had a match with Pitbull Williams. I figured Alvin would  win the match, but after the win he did what almost every wrestler does he took his mind off of survival mode and went to celerbrating with the fans. I calmly slid into the ring with my chair in hand and BAM!! chairshot to the back. BAMM!! Laid him out with one to that big dome of his.I left Breux lying in the middle of the ring Thats how AOS does the job.

Sat. Oct.8,2005
This Fri I made my PCW return. During Intermission at the show the faces went out to sign autographs with the crowd. I hate wrestlers who mingle with the crowd.
I am a world renowned Pro Wrestler. Just because fans pay money to see me perform doesn't mean that that they paid enough to mingle with me. I am the most athletic big man in the buisnesss. Period . But when I went to PCW. I heard that there was a 300 pounder, who at a show pulled a jeep. I'm told that there is another big man that uses a moonsault as a finisher. A fan even told me that this guy named Kevin Pain catches bullets with his teeth. So after I get to the show  I ask the commisioner  where is Kevin PAIN. He told me he was at the ring mingling with the fans. SO I went out and interrupted their intermission and called Kevin Pain out. He accepted my challenge. We locked up and tested  each others strength. Hes pretty strong. He's a good mat wrestler, ALMOST as good as the  Angel of SIN. But almost is not good enough. He made a mistake and I took him down.I'm suprised that he kept getting up considering the beating I gave him. As I was about to finish him with the Pedigree when he reversed out of it and picked me up into his finisher. It  was a modified Jackhammer from a shouder carry. AOS ended up losing the match but It was an impresive debut. I lost the match true enough, but I proved to Kevin Pain that I am still The most destructive force on the planet.

Wed Sept 14, 2005
Well I did it Again. I went to a new federation to find a diciple. A few weeks ago I went to Houston. Beyonce' hit me on the blackberry and told me  that she was going to come to the show. But she no showed me. She called later and told me that Sean was tripping and would let her out the suite. Hov' why ya tripping son. You already got 99 problems don't make me one. Anyway she said she'd pay her thithes next time we hook up. I'm not sweating it though cause I'm in love with Sanaa Lathan. Anyway I teamed up with Al Walker. Als a Houston veteran of the ring. AOS usually doesn't fight other peoples battles But there was this little mannager  named Roderick that kept talking about how his new tag team was going to destroy Al Walker and take over TCW . If any one is gonna take over ACW its going to be the Angel of SIN. I love spoiling peoples plans. So me and Al teamed up and took them on a ride that they wont forget. After we got the win  I grabbed Rodderick by his scrwnny little neck and before I could Chokeslam him to hell, this muscule bound freak named ZenZen came downand and attacked me from behind with a kendo stick and saved his buddy Roderick. I'll be back to Houston and you ZenZen, shall be Annointed.



Mon  August 8, 2005


Sat I returned to Amelia LA. I wrestled at Gulf Coast Wrestling. I didn't expect to defend my title that show, since no one in GCW deserved to face me for the title. I planed to go pick up a good-looking woman and call it a night. Upon getting to the arena I realized there are no good looking women in Amelia. The women there were all Fat and Ugly (That could be a tag team name). The commissioner later told me he wanted me to fight The GCW World Heavyweight Champion for his belt if, I was willing to put my United States Title on the line also. Since I wasn't getting any Pie tonight I might as well get a new title. So I accepted the match against the muscle bound freak Maja Pain. I bet he'd feel right at home in the MLB.


I almost won his title too! The match had a 15 min time limit. I hit the three steps to hell moonsault on him but before I could cover him for the win his valet Cinnamon got on the apron. She had on a low cut skirt and her cleavage was a bout to fall out. I got up to tell her to put some clothes on. Like any moral man would do. (No matter what you may have heard from those at the show I was not staring at her, round...MASSIVE...perfect....sensuous ...ohh, ..uhhhhh...No matter what they say I wasn't staring at her Puppies! I swear. I wasn't.


While I was admonishing her Maja Pain showed his true colors an attacked me from behind. He went for the pin. Just as I was about to kick out at the two count the bell rung.The 15 minute time limit  expired. Robbing me of my chance to be Heavyweight Champion of GCW. We both ended up keeping our titles since the match was a draw. That Maja Pain is a sinner that will be dealt with next month.


Sunday June 19, 2005

Well, Well, Well, thanks for reading the first edition of my commentary. I had a show this past Sunday for Mid South Entertainment in Houma, LA. It went pretty well.  When I got to the arena I knew that the Higher Power had sent me there. For all around me were sinners needing redemption. I started with the boys in the back, trying to redeem them. But they would listen to the word. Yet I found a group in the back that would. T.K. Riot introduced me to some of the members of his movement, The Jihad Warriors. As they listened to my ideals and I theirs, we realized we were two sides of the same coin. Neither of us likes INFIDELS.  We have both been assaulted by the ones we try to Shepard. We both are hated by the masses because of our righteous beliefs. Upon getting to know them I was honored to team with them against Omega, Major PAIN, and American Idol.  We beat the crap out of them the whole match and then some big jackass named Minataur comes charging down the Isle and gets involved with our match, and costing us our chance of making an impact. After we had already wrestled their commissioner decided to put us in another match for the main event against Mountain Man and Minataur. After a slow start we over powered the Mountain Man and tried to beat some respect in him. In the end a second ref came out and counted a pin on one of the other Jihad member. This ref wasn't even the ref for this bout. He just came from the back and started counting. These are the tribulations that I go through.


Anyway I met an appealing young lady at the show from Houston. We don’t get to see many women pro wrestling and even fewer good looking ones. Now I'm a firm believer that Pro Wrestling is not a proper environment for women, (An appropriate environment for women is at home in the kitchen) but I'll waive my disdain in her case. It was her first match. She did pretty well. It was the Highpoint of a pretty dismal trip. So if you see a good looking, well built Latina with long hair named Denise pay attention and enjoy the show


I'm enjoying Lafayette. When I moved here I didn't think I would get to wrestle too much. There are no federations in Lafayette but there are a few in relative close proximity.


I'm training with Rodney Mack and Jazz in Churchpoint, LA.  Hope fully he'll polish my in ring abilities. They have a big facility in downtown Churchpoint called the Dawg Pound. So if you're down this way feel free to stop in and meet two of the best in the business. It’s on Main Street west of Sonics. After you pass the police/ambulance station there is a Pharmacy on your left. The dog pound is right across the street. It is a gray wood building. Hold on to your dreams. And if some one tells you can't do some thing, that you can't achieve your dream, TELL THEM TO GO TO HELL!!!!


Monday Night RAW was pretty interesting. During the Edge-Lita wedding they played a Matt Hardy's music. A fellow worker and me were watching and jumped out of our seats, we thought Matt was going to come out and beat the shit out of Edge. But it was all a prank by Edge. WWE got me. Which is hard to do. I knew Randy Orton was the draft pick as soon as I saw Undertaker appear. I'm Good but I never saw it coming. I hope Matt will be back at Vengeance. Edge has now seated himself as the most hated heel. With Hassan people don't hate him they're just emitting the reaction they believe they are supposed to. You may not admit but deep down inside, You think Triple H is cool!! But Edge, people have true disgusts for him. He threw up the V1 sign at ECW, and now this. I hate what happened to Matt and want to see him kick edges ass but you've got to give Edge props he is using the cards he was dealt to the fullest to propel himself into the upper echelon of wwe. The Angel of S.I.N. does believe that the ends justify the means. So have a good run my friend. Yet AOS also believes that every SIN has its price. So Edge I hope your willing.... no..... I hope you are prepared to pay your penance when Matt comes back. He will be back,......


You can BANK on it!!


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