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Byron Wilcott "The Angel of SIN"


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Who isThe Angel of SIN?
The Angel of SIN ushered fire and brimstone to Sodom and Gomorra.
He brought death down to the valley of the Nile, slaughtering every firstborn Egyption son
It is he that possesses the Key to the Bottomles Pit.
Born of the light, and yet he walks in the dark.
For a time he walked where other angels fear to tread
What happens when the Angel of SIN is deemed to cruel in the execution of his duties?
What happens when one Angel becomes more dangerous than useful?
That Angel must be taught........restraint.
Many in the Coven thought that the Angel should be erased from the book, yet the WORD had other ideas for the accused. The Coven of Hosts decided that the Angel of SIN shall walk among those that he is commisioned to deliver punishment to. The Coven's decree that he shall live among mankind was carried out and he was placed in modern day Babyalon. It is still his obligation to deliver wrath and retribution to infidels he comes in contact with but untill he gains understanding of humans and ascertains temperance in his actions he may not return to heaven. Until he assends he shall be known to mankind not by his angelic title but by a name,     Byron Wilcott

The Angel of SIN

At a Glance

Date of Birth: Not born. Created 

Education: The Pax-Dei

Family History: The Coven of Hosts -- Archangel

First Professional Role: Deliverer of The Word's Wrath

Current Status: Transitorily Damned

The end of the world is the harvest
And the Angels are the reapers
Matthew 13:39

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